Congratulations! If you are reading this it means you feel comfortable enough in the My Products Module to create a purchase order. The purchase order system Bevly has in place is going to bring so much ease to your purchase order process. To start you should be in the My Products Module.

Your purchasing process begins by checking the box next to the products you would like to order. What is great about Bevly’s PO process is that you can select products from multiple distributors at a time and it will all be organized by the distributor in your Draft POs. When you have selected all the products you would like to order- click the Add to P.O. button on the top right corner of your products list and confirm.



Bevly’s Draft PO module is packed with amazing features that can help greatly reduce the time it would normally take you to decide how much of a product your business needs on your next order. By clicking on the 30, 60, 90 buttons you will be able to see the number of units sold during the time period you’ve selected and a year-over-year comparison. You will also be able to see how much you last purchased for the product, as well as your current stock.



Now we know you have probably built up a good relationship with your distributor and we by no means are trying to cut them out of how you run your business. We know that you have probably made order confirmations with your distributor over the phone a number of times, and we don’t want you to stop that habit. In fact, we thought of a nifty little button that will help you better organize that one on one communication. To do this, go into your Purchase Order Module. Once in your Purchase orders select the order you are trying to get into. In your purchase order, you’ll select the button Add Offline Order.



A pop-up will come up that will allow you to select any of the products you have in your inventory from that distributor. Select what you would get for the order when speaking with your distributor and then select Add to PO. It will then be in the purchase order and you can add the case or bottle quantity you are planning to receive. Once you’ve completed that you will be all set and just have to wait to receive the order.


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See? Creating purchase orders is as simple as it could possibly be. You’ll be able to manage your purchasing and receive the inventory in your purchase order module. You might even still be okay with your current PO process, but it is always a good idea to keep up-to-date with the Bevly system to have as a backup for your records to help make your life easier down the road.

For more help watch our full tutorial video here.

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