You always want the best deals when it comes to your Purchase Orders, but with the denseness of the Beverage Journal, it can take too long to flip through it every month to make sure the prices are the same when you have a business to run. That’s why at Bevly we looked into finding a solution to this problem so we can save you more time when it comes to your business management. 

When you’ve been making your Purchase Orders you might have noticed a blue scale icon next to the names of the products. This is an indication that there is another distributor offering the same product and they might be offering it at a lower price. Whenever you see this icon it is always worth the look to make sure you are getting the lowest price possible. To enter the Price Comparison Module click on the blue scale icon in your purchase order or you can click the same scale icon on the navigation bar to the left of your screen.

Once you are in the Price Comparison Module you’ll see that it is a quick and painless step for your purchasing process. The item you currently have in your cart will be at the top of the list with a blue icon that says Draft beside it. All the items below it are the options available from the other distributors. Check down the list of the possible cost price for the item and make sure that you are getting the best deal for your liquor store.


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If you see that there is a better price to be had all you have to do is select the bubble next to the product you desire. Below is the Products Being Replaced In Purchase Orders section, where you will see a confirmation of the item you select. To the right of that in the You Saved section you will be given a break down of what you will be saving when making the switch for this order. After you’ve made your change of distributor, if you decided to switch, then select the Replace Items In P.O. this will automatically update the draft that the product is in. 



There are two facts you should know about this Module, one being is that the change in the distributor is not a permanent change. When you use the Price Comparison Module it only applied to the order you are working in. Permanent Distributor changes are done within another Module. You should also know that just because the scale icon appears in the Draft Purchase Order it does not necessarily mean that there is another lower price, it simply means that there is another distributor offering the same item that might have a lower price.

It is always worth clicking the icon to compare prices either way because you always want the best for your business. The Price Comparison Module is just another tool out of the many the Bevly offers you so you can always make the best choices when it comes to your business operations.