If you have made it this far through the Bevly system then that hopefully means your business is running smoother than ever! So congratulations, you are slowly becoming a Bevly master. 

At this level, you are probably starting to wonder about managing the orders that you have been putting through the system. Well, you have nothing to worry about because managing your orders is about to become simpler than ever. 

To start managing your P.O.s click into the Purchase Order Module. You will first see the Purchase Order Dashboard which is split up into three sections. Your Recent POs which is organized by the order date and distributor. Your Purchase History, and Detailed POs, where you can easily see the products you’ve purchased within the last thirty days and for when you’re trying to make a quick re-order. You will be able to see a button in the left corner labeled View Drafts, here is another way to get to any of the POs in your cart. 


When you are receiving an order you will be clicking into a P.O. from the Purchase Order Summary. If you do not see the P.O. you are looking under the initial list on the Purchase Order Summary page because it is a bit older, you can click View All to see all your orders from within the last week, thirty days, a year, or a custom amount if you’d like. When hitting view all you will also see a column for the status of the orders. They will be labeled Submitted, meaning that the order has been sent to the distributor and is under review, or Completed, meaning that you have accepted the products into the inventory and everything is updated. Whether you click into the P.O. directly from the Purchase Order Dashboard or by finding it under View All, when you click into the order the next page will be your full Purchase Order. 



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If you select View All, you will see all your PO.s from within the last 30 days and their status. Submitted meaning the PO has been sent electronically to your distributor and you are waiting for delivery. Completed means that you have received that order and have updated your inventory. The orders will be arranged from the newest to the oldest. In this section, you are also able to send purchase orders to the shopping cart again by selecting the reorder button at the end of each column. This will help save you time when creating POs for those same products you are ordering again and again.

Once you’ve found the Purchase Order you are receiving select the distributor’s name to enter the PO. Now while the BevJournal updates each month on the first you might receive a deal from your distributor or a case discount tier pricing. If that’s the case you have the Edit PO button to make any corrections. 

First, enter the Vendor PO. ID# from the delivery invoice you received from the distributor Delivery Driver. From there enter the quantity you’ve received from that order in the Rec. Qty sections. If there are no errors with the quantity you’ve received on the order, select AutoFill to finalize this PO and automatically update your product stock levels.

We know that you have a relationship with your rep and that there are going to be moments where you need to add another product to your most recent PO. If you placed an order directly with your Liquor Rep don’t worry- you can easily add those off-line products to this Purchase Order with the Add Offline Order button. We also know that merchants will sometimes get deals on your orders. So if you need to edit the case or bottle cost on a particle order you can select the Edit PO button to make any changes for that purchase order.


If there are no errors with the quantity you’ve received on the order, select AutoFill to finalize this PO and automatically update your product stock levels. Simplify your record-keeping by taking a picture of the delivery invoice given to you by your distributor and upload that image on this page. Once everything is filled out selected Update Order. 

The page will then refresh and you will then be brought to the main Purchase Order Summary page and the order will be marked as complete. 

For additional help watch our step-by-step video here.

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