We know that managing your Accounts Payable is one of the most tedious tasks you have on your plate. You have a lot of transactions taking place at once. You can not make a mistake with any of your accounts that end up in a bounced check. When you do your account will be listed as delinquent. Then it becomes ten times more of a hassle to get anything done. Bevly is all about making your life easier. We recently had some updates so the system is catering even more to your needs as a liquor store owner.

On the Accounts Payable page, you will see a breakdown of all your distributor accounts. Manage the account by clicking on it. Bevly’s payment section is as simple as it could be for your convenience.

The setup for the payment page is inspired by Quickbooks. The setup will help your business run smoothly when using the Bevly System. You will need to enter the Check No. and make sure it is an exact match to your physical check. Select the boxes next to the amounts you would like to pay off in the Payments Due section. Everything will fill into the check automatically. To apply any credits, check any of the boxes in the Credits section. The Vendor PO Numbers for the credit and the purchase order will be listed in the Memo section of the check. This will make your distributor aware of which orders you are paying off and which credits are being used.

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When satisfied with your check click Send To Quickbooks. If you need to continue at a later time you can select Save Draft & Close. Once sent to Quickbooks you will see a notification that your check has been properly sent out and saved. The system will then bring you back to the main Accounts Payable page. If you click back into the distributor’s account you will see the paid sum in the General Ledger section.  Bevly sends daily sales totals from the POS system. This happens automatically in Quickbooks so it will always be up to date. 


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