During the COVID-19 pandemic, liquor stores, along with grocery stores, have been listed as essential businesses during the shutdown. Thank goodness! But now, liquor store owners are asking themselves how they are going to continue running a business when their customers aren’t supposed to be leaving their homes. Well, don’t worry, because even during a pandemic the liquor industry is a good industry to be in. 

A recent study from the Nielsen Corporation found that liquor store sales have actually increased. So while your business might not be able to continue as usual, there is still plenty you can do to keep your sales up. 

Local Delivery or Contactless Pick-Ups

These two buying options might not be what your package store is used to, but they are routes that you might want to pursue at least for the time being. While there aren’t many liquor delivery apps, you and your staff could come up with a plan that keeps everyone safe while still servicing your customers. All you need is a willing delivery driver.

From there, customers can call in and their items can be left at their front door upon delivery. If you and your staff aren’t comfortable with going out into the world more than you have to, then you still can have your customers come to you with less contact. Your customers will simply call in their order, then when they arrive in your parking lot, an employee will check their ID, take the payment, and give the customer their purchase. This will keep foot traffic in and out of your store at a minimum and maintain your business profits.


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Online Sales

The majority of liquor stores haven’t found their way to an eCommerce platform. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you. Online sales have spiked all over the country since the shutdown began. The best part about investing in a website, if you don’t have one already, is that you can continue to use it to build your business even after the restrictions are lifted. 

Evaluate Your Store

Less foot traffic gives you a great opportunity to analyze your inventory. Bevly has a great Best Sellers Module that can help you evaluate your customer’s buying habits. Taking the time to analyze your store’s products now can lead to a big boom in business down the road. 

However you would like to run your business during this time, we are here for you. There are many programs in development for Bevly that can help your liquor store excel. Don’t have Bevly yet? Contact us! We are happy to set you up with a plan to fit your business needs.

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