Business management has never before been more efficient, fast, and innovative than it is today. New technology is constantly being created, helping business owners with inventory, employee management, reporting, and even business insight. So, am I missing something? How is it that every industry is able to efficiently use all these new technological breakthroughs within their business, but somewhere along the line the liquor Store & Package Store industry got left behind? I swear, the monthly Beverage Journal books look like they belong in the 80’s, and don’t get me started on how long it takes to go through it all.

“Things need to change…and they need to change now.”   – CT Liquor Store Owner

It’s almost impossible to get ahead of your liquor business because too much time is spent on manual data entry, book-keeping, monitoring, and flipping through that Beverage Journal book every month. When coming up with purchase orders, you end up overspending on almost all of your products because comparing different distributors takes extensive research. You never know where the best prices are. Liquor store owners lose big money by repurchasing from their regular distributors when they could be saving a ton if there was an easy way to price compare.

Besides coming up with manually written out purchase orders, store owners are using other resources and different systems to manage day-to-day activities such as sales, stock levels, employees, etc. I mean, really? How many different systems do they have to get until enough is enough? Where’s this easy, all-in-one system that takes care of everything?

Also, what about insight? Many other industries have the capability of pulling accurate insights and analytics to manage and plan for the future. Where’s ours? Oh, wait…we don’t have that yet. There’s no way to make the most out of our investment. Different softwares and systems are purchased for absurd amounts of money because there’s just no other way!


On top of this, liquor stores are rarely ever focused on digital marketing efforts – the key to selling in today’s age.  All liquor stores can agree to an extent that they have a limited customer base in this growing digital world due to a lack of online presence…considering most liquor stores aren’t even found on Google or any other search engine. Email campaigns, direct mailers, social media, eCommerce stores, and PPC campaigns could all be tied together, producing incredible results. Could you imagine if liquor stores were able to reach every single potential customer through different marketing efforts? That would change the industry entirely! The liquor industry would get 10x more competitive, bringing in way more revenue, too.  


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All in all, the liquor store industry needs help. It seems to be this forgotten industry still stuck in the past without any new resources or help. We need to get smarter, get faster, and most of all, more efficient.   

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