Liquor store owners face their fair share of problems when it comes to managing their business. Out-of-stock inventory, excessive manual tasks, lack of customer retention — the list goes on. One of the most important decisions that both new and experienced business owners will ever make is choosing the right POS system for their business. While a specific amount of time should be invested when searching for one, most business owners don’t even know what features are available to them or what they should be looking for. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 features your POS system needs in order to successfully run your business.


Age Verification Tools

A person who sells alcohol to a minor commits a crime regardless of the state. More and more liquor stores, both small and large, are getting caught selling alcohol to minors. Remove the threat. Having a POS system with built in age verification protects your business, increases checkout speed, and improves customer experience.


There are numerous regulations governing the distributions of alcohol. You need to be able to track and report all alcohol beverages that arrive at your store, along with where they came from. There’s no need to spend countless hours manually documenting your inventory. Your POS should be able to track all your vendors in a single database, store your order history, and organize your inventory by amount, vendor, and purchase date. Reporting should never cause you stress again when you have a system that keeps all your information updated, accurate, and reliable.

Inventory Management

Even the smallest of liquor stores have thousands of individual products. Stop updating your inventory manually. Your POS system should be able to document and track how much you have in stock at any given time. This not only helps account for losses due to theft, but even prompts you to reorder when supplies are getting low. Never run out of stock again – accurately monitor under-stocked products and inventory fluctuations through your POS.



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Customer Management

Small liquor stores rely heavily on repeat business. When your customers come in, you should be able to easily look up what bottle they last purchased or what wine they enjoyed so much last Valentine’s Day. That type of customer service is what keeps them coming back. Your POS system should not only have the ability to track and store customer information, but include some type of loyalty program as well. Keep track of money spent and customize different rewards for different products.

Purchase Orders

When you order from a specific distributor, how do you know you’re getting the best deal for each product? Stop researching every distributor’s price to find the most affordable deal. Your POS system should automatically alert you of the best deal when entering the specific product you need. Don’t pay any more than you need to. Let your POS work with you in saving as much money as possible.

Your POS system should be the main hub of your business. Having a system that keeps track of your inventory, easily creates purchase orders, and gives you back hours of your time is one of the fastest ways to gain a competitive advantage. Your POS system is no longer a device that sits on your counter – it’s one of the make or break aspects of your business.


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