With changing restrictions and business practices, retailers are constantly trying to have their businesses keep up. This means spending extra time figuring out what is changing and what they can do to accommodate it. At CobaltConnect, we understand how busy life can be for a liquor store owner. With CobaltConnect, you have access to a wide range of features. These features are designed to speed up and simplify the ordering and inventory management process. CobaltConnect is constantly working on improvements to better cater to the liquor industry. Our mission is to help you run your business faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Bulk Editing

With the Manage Attribute section, you can make multiple edits to your inventory system at a time. Update your inventory’s taxes, categories, and sizes with just a few clicks. This feature allows you to add multiple inventory items to a category at once. Giving you the freedom to add and remove products to your inventory’s information at your convenience. 

Improved Filters

CobaltConnect has made it easy to find the products you need. Not only do you have a search bar, but you also have access to distributor, size, and category dropdowns so you can filter your inventory and be as efficient as possible. The CobaltConnect system also allows you to sort your products by the Product ID, UPC, Product Name, Size, Stock, Units Sold, Recommended Buy Quantity, and Distributor. Now you can easily keep an eye on what items need your attention and help you place reorders quickly. 

eCommerce Integration 

With the major shift to online shopping this past year, CobaltConnect set out to fill the need for liquor stores to be online. Our system is now designed to work seamlessly with your online store and Clover account. This will help your inventory management a breeze whether it is an in-store or online sale. Manage online featured products, images, categories, and sale prices with just a few clicks. Stop worrying about separating your online stock from in-store stock, have it all integrated with one another so you can always be on top of your sales. 

These are just a few of the special features CobaltConnect has to offer and you have access to them all as soon as you log in. If you are ready to make the transition to an enhanced POS management system, reach out to our team. With continuous research into the liquor industry, we are always making developments in our system to make your business work better than ever. Let CobaltConnect help you achieve your ultimate business success in 2021 and beyond.

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