Online ordering has been popular across all industries for a number of years now, but the liquor industry is falling behind. Sure big names like Drizly and Saucey are making their presence known in the online liquor world but there is plenty of room for your store too! While consumer benefits are the main driving force behind online sales there are still plenty of other advantages. Below are four of the biggest benefits of online ordering for your liquor store. 


Traditionally, even running a basic transaction can take some time. Your customer needs to walk through your location and decide what they’d like to buy. Then, there is the time spent at the register completing a smooth transaction. With online ordering your team is only put to work when an order comes in. In many cases it comes down to the single exchange when the customer comes in and verifies their order. Just grab the products and print out their receipt before they arrive and hand it over in a few seconds. 


In addition to saving time at your registers, online ordering also helps with costs. After all, you don’t need additional staff to wander around the store to wait for a customer to come in. By expanding your operations online you will be able to maintain a leaner staff while producing the same, if not more, profit. 

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CobaltConnect’s eCommerce integration can also help you facilitate automatic collection of valuable data to help your liquor store grow. As new orders come in real-time sales data will be instantly captured and added into your reporting module. With CobaltConnect’s reporting modules this can help you discover the best times to promote and sell your best products. This takes a little bit of extra effort on the user’s part but in the end it will help you compile and understand hundreds of data points that can only help benefit your bottom line. 

At CobaltConnct, our all-in-one POS system allows you to enjoy every advantage online ordering has to offer without having to make significant changes to your current operations. With our fast setup and easy to understand management you can have your own liquor store website up and running in a matter of days. This is your sign to combine your POS system with CobaltConnect and begin seamlessly syncing all points of your business. To learn more about eCommerce setup or more information about CobaltConnect reach out to the Cobalt team.