During one of the worst years for most industries, spirit sales actually soared. Through the course of the year spirit sales took up 39.1% of liquor sales on the market.  This jump in success can be attributed to cocktails-to-go being allowed in 22 states and liquor stores. From curbside to delivery options customers are getting their spirits in new ways. Not only is the way consumers are getting their spirits changing but the producers are too. Each year there are more producers who believe that they have the product that is worth the space on your shelf. In 2005, there were only 57 craft distillers in the US; jump to today and there are over 2,265. Success for any business comes down to the perfect mix of a great product, market research, and branding. Telling a story through a product’s label is essential considering the limitations on advertising in the liquor industry. For new spirits just starting out, an eye catching label is the only way to attract their customers. Here is how you can use that appeal to your advantage of your spirit sales when selecting products for your store.

Select Brands With Clear Visual Identities

In the liquor industry, a brand’s identity needs to be clear. Whether it is the bottle’s shape or color, it needs to stand out and the customer needs to understand what the producer is trying to say. Your liquor store customers aren’t going to want a product that they have to guess as to what it is. The brand Broad Branch Distillery ran into the issue with their bottle design in such a way that people couldn’t even tell what their product was when the bottle was turned a certain way. When considering the products you will be putting on your shelves, be sure the message of the product is clear. 

Here is how you can use that appeal to your advantage of your spirit sales when selecting products for your store.
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Customer Appeal & Values

You might not realize it, but everything from the font choice to the colors selected. This is done specifically to send subtle messages to your customers. Take a look around your shop. You might notice that premium brands often use all caps in their logos. A label should connect with the ideal customer from five feet away. Take Ocean Vodka’s bottle for example. Its unique shape gives a powerful visual from the aqua blue glass to the round shape it lets you know the brand cares about the environment.  Regardless of the message your customers are attracted to, paying attention to what draws them in can help your bottom line. 

Brands reach consumers in a variety of ways. Whether they are portraying a fun or healthy brand, each visual of the is carefully selected. It is the producer’s job to make the product as appealing as possible, it is your job to finalize the sale. Analyze the type of labels your customers are drawn to. It can help you stock your shelves with similar products or brands. This will only increase your customer’s desire to buy more. While CobaltConnect can’t tell you what bottle your customers will want to purchase, our reporting modules can help you identify sales trends throughout the year. This can help you keep your most popular items on your shelves during the best times of the year. To get started, reach out to a member of the Cobalt Team to see what our system can do for your liquor store.