The liquor industry’s trends are anything but stagnant. New trends emerge every year, but no one could have predicted the long-lasting changes to the industry. We’re highlighting some of the top trends that look to be picking up speed throughout the year. If you haven’t taken advantage of any of these yet, it is time to get moving before the world moves on to the next big trend. 

Online Sales

Being trapped indoors means their services need to be brought to them. This was no exception to the liquor industry and it adapted fast. In a matter of weeks online liquor sales boomed to over 400% and the sales only have continued to grow since the beginning of the pandemic. Customers have become accustomed to the convenience of having their items brought to them and they want to keep it that way. Companies like Drizly might have a large hold on their market but more liquor stores are opening up their own eCommerce stores everyday. If you don’t have your liquor store online now you are missing out on hundreds of sales. 

Whisky Increasing In Popularity

Whisky has always been one of the top drinks of choice. The spirits’ ability to bring together sweet notes and earthy tastes in some remarkable ways has made it a staple in many liquor cabinets.Whisky sales are expected to be 18 million for this year with only signs of growth in the next few years. Now is the time to promote your very best whisky products to your customers and become a part of the booming category market. 

Craft Beer Is No Longer A Niche Offering

When craft beer first made its way onto the market it was a transformative experience for many. So much so that it awoke the alcohol connoisseur in many Americans. Back in 2007, there were only around 1,000 craft breweries in the country. Now there are almost 8,000 successful breweries in just thirteen short years. The niche drink’s popularity has grown to the point where some of the larger names, like Budlight and Samuel Adams, have begun getting in on the action before they lose too many of their customers. To ensure you get in on the trend be sure to stock your stores with a variety of craft beers available in your area. 

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Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Are Here To Stay

While whisky and craft beer are very much at the top of their game in the liquor industry. It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing something about the latest ready-to-go drink on the market. Ready-Made-Cocktails have been around for quite some time but lately, there has been an unexpected boom in this liquor trend. Consumers cannot get enough of their favorite cocktails at arms reach without the effort of crafting themselves. 

Some of these trends you might have picked up on and others maybe not. Either way, it is time to act while those in the liquor industry still have the opportunity to make a profit off of these trends. While it can be hard to jump on trends while they are still trending you can get ahead of the curve when using the CobaltConnect system. Our POS management system allows users to see trends from previous years on a month-by-month basis. This allows you to always be ahead of the curve and best of all, your competitors. Reach out to us! One of our experienced agents would be happy to assist you with a demo or any questions.