Managing a successful business inventory can take up hours of your time. Staying on top of your store’s stock levels is a constant battle. An inaccurate inventory can make or break your customer’s satisfaction in your business. All too often business owners’ time is taken up with managing the balancing act that is your inventory. Too much stock can tie up your capital. If you need to mark down unsold inventory it can kill your margins. While each business has its own need for their inventory, CobaltConnect is the system that can help solve it all. From start to finish CobaltConnect makes inventory management a breeze. Whether you are about to open your doors or have been in business for over a decade.

Easy Setup

Setting up new inventory management software can always be a challenge. Picking the right solution can be overwhelming and confusing. Then if you do happen to pick a provider they seem to rush you into the next steps. CobaltConnect is not only able to go at your speed but we are with you every step of the way. We guarantee a smooth transition because we want you to be with us for the long haul.

Once you’ve signed up with CobaltConnect we can pull your inventory from your old POS system. If you are just starting out we can provide you with a sample database. Not only will you have your entire inventory uploaded overnight but our system will find any missing data points. We fill in the gaps so your inventory can be as organized & complete as possible. You can easily add or edit any of the product’s information at any time and it will all be in sync with your Clover register system. The more information you associate with each product the better your system will run. 

Save Time And Reduce Errors

CobaltConnect has system automations wherever possible to keep you from wasting any time reviewing data that could essentially manage itself. Clover and CobaltConnect are completely integrated, meaning the two systems “talk” to each other and will automatically sync your data. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar shop, eCommerce site, or both, your inventory will always be in total sync. This means all you have to do is receive your inventory and your stock will automatically be balanced. Even if a mistake was made, the Cobalt system has you covered. After all, every business will and has faced administrative issues at some point. CobaltConnect gives users multiple reporting tools to save your time. Need to check up on changes to an item? Just look up changes in the Activity Log to identify any changes that we’re not authorized.

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Maintain Inventory Accuracy

Unfortunately, even with multiple system automations an active inventory isn’t something that you can just set up and forget. CobaltConnect gives you the right tools and automations that will certainly make your tasks incredibly easier. You will still need to use CobaltConnect to manage your stock and product information moving forward. The Stock Audit module can assist in ensuring that your stock levels are always up to date. With the average inventory management system you have to wake up hours before opening to do a formal inventory count. Business owners do this to avoid the flux of stock during regular business hours, but with CobaltConnect you can audit your inventory at any time.

CobaltConnect’s stock audit module updates your stock count instantly so your Clover device will have the correct units on hand. Finished your count and then realized you missed a few items? That is not a problem either! Once you begin using the stock audit module it creates an internal timer per product for 12 hours. Meaning you can simply count the stock levels in your front display, take a break and finish counting the stock you have in the back. CobaltConnect will add up any numbers entered in during that period for you. No more count sheets or hiring additional help. Just scan, count, enter, and move on to the next product. A report will automatically generate as you use the module to help you better identify breakage or theft items.

The next steps are up to you. Do you want to stick with what you know and spend hours of time going over the same few items again and again? Or do you want to elevate your business with the CobaltConnect system? It is time to stop managing your business with pen and paper so you can get ahead in your industry. Reach out to our CobaltConnect team to get started or to ask questions about what other resources and insights are available.