More and more liquor store customers are turning to the digital world. This leaves liquor store owners trying to quickly get their stores online. However, getting an eCommerce store up and running online isn’t as easy as you might think. It is not just getting everything online in a hurry. There are many small details that are overlooked that lead online sites to failure. So how do you ensure that your online store will be successful? Well here are a few eCommerce store mistakes that many make that you will want to avoid. 

Lack of effort in user experience

Many liquor store owners don’t put much effort into their customer experience on their website. For many, it mostly comes down to a lack of time. As a result, they are losing big chunks of possible revenue. By not creating properly designed pages and product information it leaves customers feeling under-appreciated and sends them to other competitors. Online alcohol sellers need to improve their content. Having a high-quality eCommerce site will generate more sales, and help build your customer loyalty. 

Not following liquor law guidelines

You might think that the laws for selling online are the same across the board, but each state is different. With home deliveries becoming a growing market, regulations have become more restrictive. If you do not follow your state’s online liquor laws to the letter your site could be shut down. You could also end up in a lot of legal trouble as well, threatening your liquor license. 

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No Bridge Between Online And In-Store Sales

Most eCommerce stores do not provide a link between online and in-store sales. While a successful eCommerce site and brick-and-mortar store are fantastic, without the proper tools you could be left with all sorts of issues. Reporting and stock management tools you could be left with out-of-stock items or inaccurate reports on your sales. 

Issues With Building A Database

Creating listings for your eCommerce site is not as easy as listing all the products and the prices that you have on your shelves. Customers require more information than that. In order for you to have a successful eCommerce site, you should be providing your customers with product images, tasting notes, product details, and any other information that could be useful to them during a sale. Most liquor stores just cover the basics that leave their customers with very little information. Hours of time are then wasted trying to build a full database of information. 

All of these issues are a thing of the past with CobaltConnect. Our system and eCommerce store integration makes a user-friendly experience not only for the customer but for the liquor store employees as well. Our team also continuously stays up to date with all liquor regulations so our customers never have to worry about any legal issues with their sites. Best of all our system comes standard with a full product database as well as multiple reporting and inventory management tools. Our system is always efficient and will leave your customers coming back again and again because of your expert service. Interested in getting started? Reach out to our team. We can have your online store live in a matter of days. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so contact us today!