CobaltConnect is the fast, user-friendly system. With CobaltConnect you can easily manage your sales and inventory all in one place, wherever you are. With CobaltConnect managing your liquor store, you are able to better serve your customers whether they are in-store or online. Track your inventory better than ever with great customer service and easy management.

Better Account Management

When you are working with multiple distributors, that means multiple accounts payable to manage. With CobaltConnect you can manage all your open accounts with just a few clicks with the Accounts Payable module. See what you ordered and what is owed on a month-by-month basis. Not only can you better manage your vendor accounts, but your customer accounts as well. CobaltConnect’s reporting tools help generate lists of your most popular items and most loyal customers. This can be helpful when running effective remarketing campaigns. Use the reporting features to ensure that you always have your most popular items in stock for your customers. 


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Additional Features

Your business is constantly changing, so you don’t want a business management system that is stagnant. Consistent and reliable, yes, but you don’t want a system that isn’t going to grow with you. CobaltConnect develops new integrations based on merchant’s needs and keeps up with industry trends. Ready to expand your liquor store online? CobaltConnect has the tools to have a fully functioning website up and running in a matter of days. Want to keep better track of your payments? Set up our QuickBooks integration and see what is being sent in QuickBooks before the payment has been made. All our integrations are simple yet powerful and can be learned in as little as one training session.

Top Of The Line Hardware

Liquor stores have customers coming in and out from the moment the stores open to the second they are closed. With dozens transactions happening daily, you need a register system that has the ability to keep up with you. That is why CobaltConnect developed a partnership with Clover to provide liquor store owners with the best register setup possible. There is constant communication between CobaltConnect and Clover so you know that your platform is always in sync. With responsive features and modules, you can take your business wherever it needs to go with ease. 

CobaltConnect is currently being used by hundreds of liquor store merchants like yourself all around the country. Our merchants vary from a small mom and pop shop in New York to multi-location franchises. CobaltConnect is the system that all liquor stores need to help them replace the outdated pen-and-paper system that the industry has become accustomed to. Have a peek on the clover app market. If you are ready to get started with CobaltConnect, reach out to our team to get started today. Need more information? Give us a call! We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions to help. It is time to discover CobaltConnect is the tool you need for your business.