Bevly bridges the gap between
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Communicate directly with your distributors.

Bevly Distributors by State

Get price updates in real-time, place orders directly with your distributors, streamline your receiving process, and more via Bevly’s direct connections.

Feature Highlights:

  • Optimized Ordering
  • Direct Supplier Connections
  • Increased Efficiency & Improved Accuracy

Optimized Ordering

Our platform offers efficient inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and automated replenishment functions. This helps retailers to eliminate out-of-stock scenarios, reduce excess inventory costs, and optimize their ordering process. With our out-of-the-box perpetual inventory automation, retailers can revolutionize their inventory management and shift to live perpetual inventory. Our fresh item management feature allows retailers to set shelf lifetime limits for perishable items like bread and produce, helping to cut down on shrink.

Direct Supplier Connections

Our Distributor Network Gateway solution enables retailers to connect directly with suppliers and automate the supply chain process. With this feature, retailers can send and process orders, receive shipping notifications, invoices, and price and cost change notifications. Additionally, they can utilize digital rebates, making the purchase order experience more efficient and streamlined. We also offer a non-EDI solution, which allows retailers to communicate with small or specialized suppliers, local producers, and even directly with manufacturers.

Efficiency & Accuracy

With our digital system, retailers can eliminate errors caused by manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Our automated process for creating, approving, and tracking purchase orders saves retailers time and resources, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. By streamlining the purchasing process, retailers can increase efficiency and accuracy, leading to a more productive and profitable business.

Current Distributor Connections

  • Anasazi Wines – New Orleans
  • Artisan Fine Wines – Covington
  • Bacchus Boutique Wine Distributor – Lafayette
  • Beverage Sales Inc. – Lake Charles
  • Bevinco of Louisiana – Slidell
  • Champagne Beverage Co. – Madisonville
  • Choice Brands, Inc. – Monroe
  • City Wholesale Liquor Company – New Orleans
  • Crescent Crown Distributing – LA – New Orleans
  • David Y. Martin Jr., LLC dba Wines Unlimited – New Orleans
  • Doerries International Co. Inc. – Kenner
  • Eagle Distributing of Shreveport – Shreveport
  • Frankonia Fine Wines, LLC dba Uncorked – New Orleans
  • Howard Bar Supply, Inc. – Metairie
  • International Wine & Spirits – LA – Jefferson
  • Krewe du Bizou Wines LLC – New Orleans
  • Marsala Beverage, LP – Monroe
  • Mockler Beverage Company – Houma – Houma
  • Mockler Beverage Company, A Limited Partnership – Baton Rouge
  • Mystic Vine – Kenner
  • New Orleans Beverage Group, LLC – New Orleans
  • P.F. Importers – Ruston
  • Paul Bologna Fine Wines, LLC – Baton Rouge
  • Pelican Craft Brands – Baton Rouge
  • Pioneer Wine & Spirits of Louisiana LLC – Elmwood
  • Quest Wine Merchants, LLC dba Lirette Selections – Belle Chasse
  • Republic National Dist – Lafayette – Lafayette
  • Republic National Dist – New Orleans – Jefferson
  • S & O Wine LLC dba Southern Beverage Company – Monroe
  • Schilling Distributing – Lafayette
  • Select Wines, Inc. – LA – Lafayette
  • South to South Wine Importers LLC – New Orleans
  • Southern Eagle Sales & Service – Metairie
  • Southwest Beverage Co., Inc. – Lake Charles
  • Velocity Beverage, LLC DBA Neat Wines – Baton Rouge
  • Venture Marketing Group – Corporate – Lecompte
  • Venture Marketing Group – Lecompte
  • Vino Wholesale, LLC – Jefferson
  • Wines by the Class, LLC dba Fleur De La Imports – Covington
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