Bevly is always looking for new and innovative ways to help you run your liquor store as efficiently as possible. Our team is constantly coming up with new ideas whether it is through user feedback or from our own research. In the efforts of making your liquor store the best of the best, we’ve developed a seamless eCommerce Store integration.

Liquor store customers are shopping online now more than ever. Since the beginning of 2020 online liquor sales have shot up by 243%. Now is the time to have your liquor store move online and with Bevly, it is easier than ever. With most website development companies, it can take weeks to set up a functioning online store. However, with our solution, we have you set up and ready to sell in a matter of days.

How It Works

We have compiled a database of images, product descriptions, tasting notes, ratings, and other product information. All this information will be in sync with your My Product inventory from Day One. Our efficient system means that you can have your eCommerce shop up and running in no time.

Once the setup is finished, you are the one in control. With just a few clicks you will be able to have your products online and ready to sell. You can also easily mark any product as On Sale or Featured, create custom prices, and apply discounts. Don’t worry about ever missing an order because you will receive email notifications with each transaction. All the order’s information will immediately go to a detailed order management portal in Bevly.

Best of all, all your sales will be automatically in sync with your Clover Dashboard. That way all your reports will be organized in one place. No more trying to sort out your online sales from your brick and mortar because each order will be marked as an online sale in the notes.

Having an online store will not only set you apart from your competitors, but it will help keep your customers loyal. Don’t let your liquor store miss out for one more minute. Schedule a demo! When you sign up you will get a marketing package consisting of business cards and posters to help you advertise that you are now selling online.

Increase Your Sales Online

With Bevly, you can start selling online in just a few days. Easily manage your inventory in-store & online as stock levels are updated in real-time so you’ll never upset customers. Access our digital library of product images, descriptions & attributes.

Create & Receive Purchase Orders

Distributor Monthly prices are received & updated automatically. Integrations with Distributors warehouse to send PO’s electronically.