Welcome To The User-Guide For Managing Products In Bevly!

To access your inventory, click on the “Products” dropdown in the Navigation Bar and select “My Products.” Here, you can view all of your products and organize them by distributor, size, and category using the dropdown menus. You can also sort products by name, size, current quantity in stock, distributor, and category.

The Case Cost, Bottle Cost, and Post-Off** columns are updated on the first of every month. There is also a column for the minimum retail bottle price, your retail price, and the number of units sold within the time period selected from the Last 30 Days button in the right corner of the screen.


To do a massive review of your products, you can download an Excel file of your product information by selecting the arrow icon beside the “Add to PO” button and then selecting the number of records you want to include in the report. The report will be generated and can be found in Settings under the Reporting Archive.


If an item is listed in red, it means that the SKU or distributor was entered incorrectly and must be corrected to be synced with the distributor. This can be done using the map & fill feature, which pulls the correct information from the Beverage Journal/Distributor Pricing Book.

To edit a product’s ID, UPC, name, distributor, category, case, or bottle cost, click the gear icon at the end of the product’s row and make any necessary changes. If a product is unmapped, search for it in the search bar, select the correct product information, and then autofill to save the correct information.


To remove a product from your inventory list, check the product’s box and then click Delete. The product will be removed from your inventory list and your Clover system, but it will remain in the BevJournal for future use.


To add a new product to your inventory, click the purple plus button (+) in the right corner of the “My Products” screen. If it is a product outside of the Beverage Media network, enter the information in the open fields and select “Save and Close.” If it is a product connected with the Beverage Journal/Distributor Pricing Book, use the search bar to find the product and then select “autofill” to complete the fields.

Changes made through the Clover system are updated in Bevly every morning at 4 AM, but you can also click “Fetch” under the Last 30 Days calendar to update your inventory information sooner. To push out any changes you’ve made to Bevly, select “Sync.”

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