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Get the Most Out of Your Liquor POS

Bevly tracks growth, integrates with multiple platforms, and allows you to efficiently manage products & distributors. Clover POS manages the moving parts of your liquor store with the help of Bevly’s ecosystem. Together, Bevly + Clover streamline day-to-day operations, saving the most valuable asset – your time.

Intelligent Reporting

Make informed decisions that drive growth and optimize operations.

Valuable Business Insight

See your most important data in a clear and concise format.

Inventory Tracking

Track stock levels, make informed purchasing decisions, & avoid inventory discrepancies.

Low-Stock Alerts

Never run out of popular items again.


Manage in-store + online operations, sales, & performance.

eCommerce Integration

Expand your reach and make sales accessible to a wider audience.

Sales Automation

Easily track inventory, monitor sales, and get alerts when stock levels are running low.

Multi-Location Management

Access real-time data across all your locations and streamline your inventory management.

Our Partners

Communicate Directly with Your Distributors

Our Distributor Network allows retailers to connect with suppliers & automate the supply chain process, simplifying the purchase order experience. Optimized ordering, perpetual inventory, + smart stock management features enable business owners to streamline  operations and increase their bottom line.

Automatic Distributor Pricing Updates

Track case + bottle costs, alerts if retail prices are below bottle costs, & discover new products.

Digital Price Catalog

Access Bevly’s digital distributor price network, updated monthly.

Direct Distributor Connections

Streamline the supply chain process & simplify the order experience.

Manage Accounts Payable

Set payment reminders, configure automatic payments, and track all invoices.

Import Purchase Orders

Import your offline purchase orders directly via CSV.

Receive Purchase Orders

Send and receive purchase orders through the Bevly system.

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Our Benefits

Bevly tracks growth, integrates with multiple platforms, and allows you to efficiently manage products and distributors.

Hours of Time Saved

Breaking decades of bad habits and addressing industry pain points, our software reinvents the way liquor stores run their business.

Everything Your Business Needs

  • Streamline monthly price updates from Distributors via API or directly FTP

  • Custom reporting built specifically for Liquor Stores: 30/60/90,  Best Sellers, Dead Products, In-store vs Online etc
  •  1-Step receiving, stock update feature & Accounting & Bookkeeping [QB integration]

eCommerce for Liquor Stores

Manage your in-store and online product catalog from Bevly.

Fulfill orders, receive notifications, & view order status without jumping between apps. Bevly connects with your Clover POS so that your in-store & online inventory stock quantities will always be in sync.

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