Automated Purchase Orders

At Bevly, we understand the competitive nature of the Liquor Store market and the importance of finding ways to cut costs and increase operational efficiency. That’s why we’ve developed an all-in-one point of sales and software solution specifically designed for liquor store retailers.

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Easily manage, track, replenish, and analyze inventory

Powerful Supply
Chain Solutions

Streamline managing inventory on the sales floor or in the back office, all from one platform.

By eliminating segmented functionality and silos, retailers can bid farewell to wasted labor and costly third party services.

Our BevControl formula uses embedded intelligence to auto-generate suggested orders based on actual customer demand, keeping shelves stocked at the right levels. Additionally, advanced functions such as multi-store and warehouse inventory management, including direct store delivery (DSD) can be performed from a single back office workstation.

Solution Features:

  • Smart stock management
  • Inventory control tracking
  • Remote store-to-store inventory checks
  • Identify top-selling products
  • Item grading
  • Painless returns processing
  • Limitless pricing functionality
  • Fresh item management

Optimized Ordering

One of the key benefits of our solution is optimized ordering.

Our efficient, powerful inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and automated replenishment functions allow retailers to eliminate out-of-stock scenarios and cut excess inventory costs. Bevly is designed to facilitate out-of-the-box perpetual inventory automation, revolutionizing the liquor store industry and helping progressive retailers make the shift to live perpetual inventory. Fresh item management is also available, allowing retailers to apply shelf lifetime limits to perishable items, like bread and produce, to cut down on shrink.

Direct Supplier Connections

Another major benefit of our solutions is the ability to connect directly to suppliers.

Our Distributor Network Gateway EDI solution allows retailers to connect with suppliers and automate the supply chain process, simplifying the purchase order experience. Retailers can send and process orders, receive shipping notifications, invoices, and price and cost change notifications, and utilize digital rebates. For suppliers without EDI capabilities, we also offer a non-EDI solution, allowing retailers to easily communicate with small or specialized suppliers, local producers, and even directly with manufacturers.

Mobile Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management from anywhere.

Our Mobile Inventory Manager (MIM) mobile application allows inventory tasks to be carried out on-the-go, with the ability to walk the store and build purchase orders in real time, perform spot price checks, and manage supplier returns. On-the-go printing is also available, allowing retailers to track shelf inventory and print labels from the sales floor.

A powerful and comprehensive solution for liquor store retailers.

Cut Costs & Maximize Operational Efficiency.

With features such as optimized ordering, perpetual inventory, smart stock management, and direct supplier connectivity, retailers can streamline their operations and increase their bottom line.

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Navigate the Future of the Liquor Store Industry

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