Say goodbye to segmented functionality and silos.

Inventory Management

Left unchecked, inventory costs will consume a considerable amount of any retailer’s resources.

It’s critical to find tools that will cut costs while keeping your shelves stocked, maximizing operational efficiency.

Bi-directional data communication between your liquor store and any supplier removes wasted labor or the need for costly third party services. With Bevly’s powerful supply chain solutions, suppliers are directly linked to Bevly’s Distributor Price Network. Retailers can easily manage, track, replenish, and analyze inventory on the sales floor or in the back office–all from one platform.

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Optimized Ordering

Eliminate out-of-stock scenarios and cut excess inventory costs using BEV Assistant. Efficient, powerful inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and automated replenishment functions.

Perpetual Inventory

Bevly is designed from the ground up to facilitate out-of-the-box perpetual inventory automation. The fact is, Bevly is a revolutionizing the Liquor Store Industry, with a proven track record, in helping progressive Liquor, Beer & Wine retailers make the shift to live perpetual inventory.

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Keep your shelves stocked at the right levels. Bevly-exclusive, proprietary formulas use embedded intelligence to auto-generate suggested orders based on your actual customer demand.

Advanced Functions

Perform multi-store and warehouse inventory functions, including direct store delivery from a single back office workstation.

Simplified Purchase Orders

Orders can be seamlessly built and sent to any supplier (regardless of their technological capabilities) from Distributor Network Partners.

Connect directly to your suppliers.

Cut Costs & Maximize Operational Efficiency.

Bevly delivers a seamless 360-degree supply chain management solution regardless of your suppliers’ EDI, API & custom integrations capabilities.

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Navigate the Future of the Liquor Store Industry

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