State Minimum Pricing

The State Minimum module helps ensure that you are always meeting the State Minimum requirements for all your Beverage, Tobacco & Alcohol products to help you avoid any state penalties. With the app reviewing and identifying any products that are marked below the State Minimum Price. Within the module, you will not only be able to make changes to your retail price, but the product’s unit per case, bottle cost, case cost, and the state minimum.

Minimum Price FAQ

How Will I Know If A Retail Price Is Listed Under The State Minimum?

Products with retail prices listed under the state minimum will have the retail price listed in red in the state minimum module.

What Happens If My Employee Applies A Discount That Sells The Product Below State Minimum Prices?

When combined with the Bevly Liquor Store app the state minimum module will block the added discount from setting the retail price from below the state minimum price.

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