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Performing physical inventories is critical to the success of any retailer. Even the best record keepers can miss a transaction.

Physical inventory reconciliation will help you find such errors by checking your records against your actual stock.

While a physical count can be a burdensome task, it is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your profitability and success. This is where we can help with hardware and software that works flawlessly with your Point-of-Sales (POS) system. Here are a few more reasons why performing a physical inventory count is so important.

How often should a physical inventory count be performed?

What are the Benefits?


Performing a seasonal inventory count can give you useful information about your stock. You may find this information coming in handy throughout the year – particularly with seasonal items that have a limited shelf life. Fashion retailers might do their inventory counts at the end of a season.

Shrinkage Control

Physical inventory counts help you identify shrinkage problems. Units may be missing from your inventory for any number of reasons, but the most common causes are loss, damage and theft.


For tax purposes, a physical inventory count needs to be done at least once per year. Annual inventory counts require the least effort and any losses recorded in your inventory can be used to reduce your tax burden.


Without accurate stock information, effective inventory control is impossible. An accurate inventory management system helps your staff save time and serve their customers better. Instead of having to check the stock room to see if a product is available, they can trust their system’s inventory data and focus on serving the client.

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