Empowering Liquor Stores Through Automation & Internal Controls

Accelerating change in the Liquor Store industry begins with proper management of Inventory & Supply-Chain.

Stock management is clearly a critical asset for every Liquor Store. However, putting that Point-of-sale to work efficiently with the right Inventory management platform can be the difference between success and failure.

With Bevly’s platform, Liquor Stores achieve freedom from business constraints, time-consuming manual administration, human error, and inefficient data analytics that increase expenses as well as delays.

Discover the benefits and new insights that your Liquor Store owners can gain.

Discover The Benefits & New Insights That Your  Liquor Store Owners Can Gain

  • Versatility
    The platform must support a wide variety of workloads and players in the Liquor ecosystem. It must support existing enterprise integrations and new cloud-native deployments,  as well as both analytical and transactional applications.
  • Integration
    Liquor Stores need continuous access to the latest wholesale pricing & product availability. Integrating directly with Vendors/Distributors enables better buying decisions, faster innovation, and ultimately business growth for both Liquor Retailers & Wholesalers.
  • Automation
    Ever-changing players in the supply-chain and product pricing complexity continue to create disruption in the overall growth for these Liquor Store owners. Bevly has created automation to essentially reduce the load on their operations. Scaling technology, developing relational databases and touch-points each product has within that specific market, and above all, providing useful insights & data analytics, that will greatly reduce manual tasks that can and should be automated.

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