Liquor Store Competition Is Fierce. Stay Ahead With Bevly.

Competition is fierce in Liquor Store Industry. To stay ahead, owners strive to differentiate their product inventory selection. Big data is being used across all stages of Liquor Store management—from new products to market to purchase order forecasting to in-store floor optimization. Using key data analytics, Liquor Stores are looking for solutions like Bevly to innovate as well as reduce costs.

Product Pricing & Better Buying Decisions

  • Bevly can help you anticipate sales trends & demands. By classifying key attributes of past and current product pricing from Vendors and then modeling the relationship between those attributes and the commercial success of the offerings, you can build predictive reporting for upcoming seasons & holidays. Dig deeper by using the data and analytics from Bevly Community, Distributor Price Network where thousands of Distributors’ pricing catalogs are available, and early store rollouts to plan, produce, and launch new products.
  • Challenges
    Currently, Liquor Stores have to analyze what can be a high volume of data coming in varying platforms & formats, and then manually create segments according to customer behavior comparing against distributor purchase history. Creating a vicious cycle of broken systems.

Pricing Analytics & Optimization

  • Liquor Store owners need to know the true profitability of their products, how seasons can be segmented,  and the potential of any future opportunities. End-to-end profit and margin analysis can help with identifying product improvement opportunities and areas where profits may be leaking.
  • Challenges
    To correctly analyze pricing data, Liquor Stores need to manage millions of pieces of transaction data and work with many different kinds of data sets.

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